Books on Growing, Learning, and Self-development


Author(s): Carol Dweck
Read this if you want to: Understand the differences between a "fixed" and "growth" mindset, why it's important to adopt a growth mindset, and how to acquire a growth mindset.

So Good They Can't Ignore You

Authors(s): Cal Newport
Read this if you want to: Get tips on how to find a career that is fulfilling and that you are passionate about. (The answer is not following your passion.)


Authors(s): David Epstein
Read this if you want to: learn how to combine knowledge in different fields to find innovative solutions that "experts" fail to spot.

Moonwalking with Einstein

Author(s): Joshua Foer
Read this if you want to: get tips and tricks on how to improve your memory.

Deep Work

Author(s): Cal Newport
Read this if you want to: Learn why "deep work" is essential for being successful in the modern information-economy. Learn how to increase the number of "deep work" hours in your day.